Weightlifting Training Gloves

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Benefits of Wearing Weight Lifting Gloves:

  • Weight lifting gloves protect your fingers
  • Workout gloves decrease calluses
  • Gloves eliminate the need for chalk
  • Weight lifting Gloves decrease the risk of dropping weights
  • Workout gloves increase stability
  • Weight lifting improve your workout technique
  • Gloves provide a cushion to reduce hand pain

Maximize your workout with weight lifting gloves.


Weight: 65g

Usage 2: Parallel bars,Bench press,Kettle bell

Usage 1: Barbell,Dumbbell,Pull up,horizontal bar

Type: Weight Lifting Glove

Sport type: cycling, outdoor sports, sports and fitness

Note 2: This type of fitness gloves, wearing a little tight, is a normal pheno

Note 1: Not suitable for people with large palms

Model Number: Z05

Model Number: Fitness Gloves

Material: composite elastic fabric, talcum powder

Feature: Wool, soft and comfortable.